Stomp Road, Burnham, Bucks, SL1 7NA



Dress Code:

White or club shirts and grey trousers (crops etc) for rounds up to final.

Club shirts and whites to be worn on finals day.

Please see Club Dress Code for more detail.


Result cards to be signed by both parties after the game and placed in the result box.

Please ensure it is clear who has won the game.


For singles games it is the responsibility of the first (top) named to arrange for a marker.


Any disputes are to be referred to the Competition Secretary.


Should it become necessary for a pair or triple to play with a substitute, please ensure the Competition Secretary is advised before play, particularly where the players named have been drawn i.e. Drawn Pairs and Mixed Triples, to ensure that the substitute is of similar ability.

Specific Competition rules

Presidents Cup – Men’s Championship4 bowls. Play first to 21 shots.
Valal Cup – (Crewe) – Ladies’ Championship.4 bowls. Play first to 21 shots.
Armstrong – Open singles.4 bowls. Play first to 21 shots.
Cannon Cup - Open singles with Handicap4 bowls. Lowest handicapped player needs 21 shots to win and their opponent needs 21 + the difference between handicaps.
Novices – Singles (Restricted)4 bowls. Only open to those players who have never won a singles competition anywhere. Play first to 21 shots.
McGown Quaich – Open Singles2 bowls. Yard stick to be used and only shots within the yard will be in play. Play 21 ends.
Nominated Pairs4 bowls each. Play 18 ends.
Drawn Pairs4 bowls each. Play 18 ends.
John Hole Trophy – Mixed Pairs.4 bowls each, 6 ends played in a round robin basis vs other pairs.
Ball Trophy - Mixed Triples2 bowls per player. 15 ends up to and including the quarter final. Semi-final and final play to 18 ends.


As of APRIL 2020

  1. Please do not enter any competition if you are unable to complete all rounds, including the final.

  2. All Competitions will be played under the laws of the Sport of Bowls and the specific rules set down for that particular competition i.e. Ends to be played / Number of shots to be attained / Number of players / Number of bowls per player. Bowls must be stamped according to the laws of the Sport of Bowls.

  3. The Governing official for the club Competitions will be the Competition Secretary and his/her decision will be final.

  4. In each match, the name(s) on top of the pairing is regarded as the ‘challenger’ and the name(s) on the bottom, the opponent.

  5. The ‘challenger’ is responsible for contacting the ‘opponent’ to arrange the date and time of all matches. The ‘challenger’ is also responsible for arranging a marker in respect of singles matches, in all rounds except the final.

  6. The challenger should offer the opponent 3 agreed dates for the match to be played. (Definition of agreed meaning mutually accepted by both parties). All arranged matches MUST be entered in the bowls clubhouse diary as soon as possible.

  7. If an opponent cannot play the match after the challenger has made the offer of 3 agreed dates, then the match will be given to the challenger. Likewise, the match will be given to the opponent should the challenger fail to contact the opponent to arrange a match by the closing date or fail to play the match on that date. The opponent or challenger claiming the round under these rules has the responsibility of informing the Competition Secretary. Failure to do so by the closing date of that round will result in both names being scratched from the Competition.

  8. The date shown on each round is the date by which all matches in that round MUST be completed, and extensions to play by dates will only be given under exceptional circumstances. Any appeal under these rules should be directed straight to the Competition Secretary before the closing date and whose decision will be final.

  9. The opponents will draw a rink number from the bag which shall contain a minimum of 2 numbers for a game requiring 1 rink, selected from all available rinks.   Any National competitions being played take preference, followed by County Competitions, then Club Competitions. If unsure please contact Competition Secretary or a member of the Committee who can clarify.

  10. Once the game has been completed, the SIGNED score card(s) are to be placed in the competition box next to the fixture board clearly showing who has won the game.

  11. At least 24 hours notice for cancellation of arranged matches to be given to the player affected. Failure to do so will result in the affected player claiming the match (as above).